Friday, October 2, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

  • The fact that Scott is FINISHED with being on nights for the rest of residency and fellowship! I just can't seem to sleep well when he's gone, so those weeks are just exhausting. But, they are no more!
  • My newly recovered kitchen chairs (which I recovered one night at midnight while Scott was on nights in August). Having upholstered chairs with 2 little ones is not ideal, but luckily, it just takes about $30 of fabric, a staple gun, and a few extra hours to recover them. Check out my before and after. Here's the before...loved the fabric, but notice the stains! Had too many light colors for my boys.

Here's the after:
And ta da! Here's the whole thing! Gotta love a $150 table and chairs from Kmart that keeps on kicking for over 6 years!
  • Celebrating birthdays. Mimi and Dudaddy both have birthdays in August, so we had them over for a special dinner and homemade birthday cookies. Here they are listening to the boys sing Happy Birthday to them.

  • How well (most of the time) that my boys are playing together. I don't know, but I think one of my favorite parts of being a mom right now is seeing them play together. I just can't explain how it makes my heart feel that these 2 little people that I made (with Scott's help!) love each other.
Tyler following around Bubba (as he calls Carter) in the golf cart. Tyler wants to be ANYWHERE that his big brother is.

When Papa was visiting, the boys decided they wanted to take a bath outside in the little plastic pool. Don't know how they come up with these things. This was the most G-rated shot I could find.
  • These curls. Oh. My. Gosh. Don't these just melt you? Unfortunately, now that it's less humid, the curls aren't really showing up. It's about to be time for a haircut, since Tyler seems to be sporting a mullet now.

  • Pullen Park. We've recently been to this park in Raleigh a few times, and it is just great fun, with playground equipment, paddle boats to rent, a historic carousel, a train, and more! We had fun there at a birthday party AND when Papa came to visit!

  • Friday pizza nights. This summer, we started a "tradition" of ordering pizza on Friday nights and taking it to the pool or a playground. There's nothing like some good family fun and a Papa John's pizza.
Hey Bubba, give me a bite of your pizza.

  • That my Carter is pretty much a naturally born athlete. Yes, I am his mama, and I may be a little biased, but even other people and his teachers comment on his athletic skill and agility. Most recently, this boy can do pretty much any length and height of monkey bars ALL BY HIMSELF! I don't know about you, but I'm super impressed.

  • A family photo. They are so few and far between around here. Here's a pretty good one that we were able to capture before Ellen's sweet babies were baptized.

  • Having boys. Granted, I know there are wonderful things about having girls, but there are just some special things about having boys. How about this one? Can't find a potty? No problem! Can't really do that with a girl, no can you?

  • Speaking of girls...I have a lot of favorite girls right now. My cute niece Anna, who is coming to visit soon. My sweet niece Story, who we got to spend a whole week with at Isle of Palms. And my sweet "nieces" Claire & Caitlin, who are growing and getting so big!
Here's Story at a restaurant in Isle of Palms. How cute is that dress?

And here's the other cute niece, Anna.

And, of course, the adorable Powell twins!

I often poke fun of Scott because every time a good song comes on the radio, he says, "Oh, this is one of my favorites!" I always kid him and ask just how many "favorites" he has, and if he really has that many, are they truly favorites?

So, here I am ending my list of recent favorites, and I feel like I could go on and on. Okay, Scott, maybe you're right about there not being a limit to favorites. And yes, you better write that down, because I said that you were right. You know that doesn't come around too often.

Thing are busy and crazy as usual in the Duncan household...just the way we like it! :)

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  1. yea! I missed you my friend. Looks like you guys have had an awesome couple of months. The boys are getting so big about time for another one now that Scott will be home at night :-)