Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We love you, Cupcake!

Cupcake's big blog debut....

With the last post dating all the way back to March, I realized that baby Cupcake has yet to make his debut on this blog. Who is Cupcake, you ask? He is the new little guy growing in my belly, who has so fondly been named Cupcake by his older brothers. Carter's friend, Andrew, has a new baby brother, and before that new baby brother was born, Andrew decided that he would be named Cupcake. Shockingly, Andrew's parents chose a different name for their newest addition, James, but Carter held on to the idea of naming the unborn sibling Cupcake. And thus, many months ago, when the subject of naming the baby came up, Carter proclaimed that he would be Cupcake. No questions about it. No consulting Scott or me. He's Cupcake.

At first, I would remind Carter that he could call him Cupcake, but that isn't going to actually be his name. After a while, though, all of us just began to call him Cupcake. Scott and I are still working on deciding his "real" name, but I wouldn't be surprised if this little guy's nickname ends up being Cupcake. Not the most masculine nickname, so hopefully a new one will emerge by the time he's in school.

Cupcake may have not made the blog yet, but he has been receiving lots of love here at home. He has a newly repainted room- that I painted ALL BY MYSELF in my energy-filled second trimester. (Can you tell I'm proud of that?) He has new bedding, a few new outfits in the closet, and a new car seat. But more importantly, he has been getting hugs from his older brothers every day. Literally, every day. When I drop off Carter at preschool, he gives me a hug, gives Tyler a hug, and then hugs my belly and says, "Bye, Cupcake. I love you." Tyler asks about every other day when Cupcake is going to come out. "In two minutes?" he always asks. Just this morning, Tyler was telling me how he would share his Elmo blankie with Cupcake when he cries. Now, that's love, because Elmo blankie is sacred around here. I know full well that the boys may change their tune once this Cupcake has arrived, and they get less attention from me, but I'm enjoying the brotherly love while it lasts.

Now, I'm a "never say never" kind of girl, but this is most likely the last time that I will be pregnant. I never had any maternity photos taken when I was pregnant with Carter or Tyler, so I wanted to do that this time around. I enjoy being pregnant. I want to remember these days. So, we got Melissa E Photography to do a maternity and family photo session with us. It was literally in the 90s that day, and I was sweating my butt off, but somehow, Melissa seemed to capture some amazing photos. Check them out:

So, Cupcake, you might be our third baby. You might be our third BOY. And you might be wearing a lot of hand-me-down outfits from your brothers once you get here. And your blog debut may have only been 4 weeks prior to your due date. BUT...


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