Monday, July 27, 2009

Gina Weekend 2009

To make a long (and probably not as funny to you as it is to us) story short, I have a group of girlfriends from college that we call the "Ginas."  Now that weddings seem to be slowing down, we've not had as many opportunities to pull us from all the places we are over the eastern part of the U.S. to get together.  So, alas... Gina Weekend was officially created in 2007.  

This year, for Gina Weekend 2009, Gina Cam so graciously offered for us to stay at her in-laws' home on the Reynolds Plantation in Georgia, which is home to a Ritz Carlton, 4 golf courses, and a community of beautiful homes.  Here's the clencher... Cam's last name is Reynolds.  Her father-in-law is THE Reynolds of Reynolds Plantation.  Needless to say, the Ginas were living lives of luxury this past weekend that we will probably never ever live again.  Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were SO sweet and generous with us, and allowed us to live in this home like it was our own... at least for a few days.  

We stayed up WAY too late each night, ate chips and dip all day, had LOTS of girl talk, and just enjoyed each other's company.  This year, I was fortunate enough to only be a Gina on Gina Weekend!  Last year, I had to be Gina and Mommy, as still breastfeeding Tyler tagged along.  This year, my wonderful hubby kept both boys, and my incredible in-laws came in for the weekend, too!  Clearly, the boys were well taken care of, so I felt foot lose and fancy free.  Literally.  I just kept saying that I felt like a kid again... with no one to worry about except myself.  I did flips off the diving board (even a one and a half!), giggled, laid around, and did running jumps off the dock into the beautiful Lake Oconee.  I hadn't felt so free in a long time.

Although I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my freedom and girl time, it felt SO good to hear my Carter say "Night night, my girl" (our nightly routine) the evening that I got home.  

I hope our Gina Weekends can continue for many years to come!   

All the Ginas (plus the two Gina baby boys)... except Julie, who was visiting her hubby in Africa... pretty good reason to not make it.

I didn't take many pictures of the house like I meant to, but this is just a snipit of the area by the pool.  The landscaping is exquisite!  

The pool and the diving board that got great use!

Cam's little man, Whit, who's only 10 weeks old.

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds admiring their grandson and daughter-in-law.  

Blair holding Holly's little miracle, Liam.

Liam loves him some carrots!

Chillin' by the pool on a hot and beautiful Georgia day.

Proof that I really did do flips.

I convinced Holly to do flips, too!


  1. Yea, me! I am happy I got up the nerve to do it. It is nice to know that even as mommy's we've still got it going on!!

  2. y'all are all so cute and this was so fun. and thanks to holly for sending me to your blog! yay!