Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isle of Palms, Part 2

Isle of Palms: 7 days and 489 pictures later. Yes, 489. I get a little carried away with my camera, I know. A little secret part of me kinda wants to be a photographer, so I love trying out new poses, angles, and editing effects. Here are a few of my favorite ones from the beach in Isle of Palms.

Scott trying out the waves!

Gigi helps the boys build a sand castle.

Brent and his sweet little girl, Story, sharing a moment in the waves.

Tyler lounging in a beach chair.

Carter just LOVED the waves!

Tyler wanted to boogie board like all the big boys!
Scott & Carter played football on the beach, and Carter is loving to kick the ball.

Carter riding the waves!

Tyler could have spent the whole day at the beach!

Story loved the beach, too...especially the sand! Evidently, it was tasty! :)

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  1. kristen, you should never hire anyone to take pics... your photos are awesome!! you have a great eye, composition and quality of image! i love all of these on your blog! people are going to start asking you to take family photos for them! in fact... we could use some pics of the three of us:)