Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleeping Under the Stars

In October, the Bursons, a fun family in our neighborhood, hosted a Fall Hoedown at their house down the street. Our kids just love their kids, Emma and Owen, who are each about a year older than Carter and Tyler. In fact, Emma is one of the many girls that Carter seems pretty infatuated with right now. Right in there with Emma are Lillie and Vivian, who is technically Carter's "wife." See our post about Myrtle Beach for more details. :)

Anyways, we jumped at the opportunity to spend a fall evening with some nice friends. But the most exciting thing about their party was that they invited everyone to camp out in their backyard after the party. Scott and Carter jumped at that opportunity, ran to Target and got our first tent. I deferred, thankfully having the very valid excuse that Tyler would never fall asleep in a tent and must stay home with me.

That evening, the kids enjoyed running around, playing some organized games by our neighbor Julie, eating until they had junk coming out of their ears, and roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire in the backyard. Us adults had a great time, as well, chatting, eating, drinking, and watching our kids have an absolute blast.

When nightfall came, we realized that no one had planned to stay and camp out except for Carter and Scott...well, Emma and her dad, too, of course. I took Tyler home, and guessed that I would be getting a call in the middle of the night from Scott to come get them. The temperature had dropped quite a bit that evening, and I couldn't imagine they would last long.

Turns out that I have quite the camper on my hands. Carter settled down quickly and fell fast asleep in the tent. He didn't wake until the morning, and said he never got cold. Scott slept in his dad's fancy sleeping bag and was so warm, he had to take his pajamas off in the middle of the night! Emma made it for an hour or two and then wanted to come inside... and I don't blame her!

Here are a few pictures from that night of fun!

Here are Emma and Carter enjoying suckers.

Tyler chilling by the fire.
Playing a toilet paper mummy game. Carter wanted it OFF!
Julie, a former teacher and STILL a wonderful one, explaining the games to the kids.
Give kids a garbage can. Who needs toys???

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